Fun, high quality tie dyed underwear & Camisioles & Boxers

Fun, high quality tie dyed underwear & Camisoles & Pajama bottoms



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Frequently Asked Questions


So just who is this Surfing Bubba Dude?
He's our mascot. Designed in collaboration with Maui artist Mike Segura, Surfing Bubba Dude symbolizes the Hippie Skivvies attitude. He's ridin' free in his Hippie Skivvies, carefree about life, flashing the peace sign. He's emblazoned on our hats and is optional at no cost on our shirts.

Where did you come up with the idea for Hippie Skivvies?
In 1997, Andy Covell, who was 9 years old at the time, was given a tie-dye kit by his Uncle. During lunch a few days later, Andy said, "Hey, when are we going do my tie-dye kit? I want to tie-dye some underwear, too!" The rest, as they say, is history.

What does "skivvies" mean in the U.S. and elsewhere?
In the U.S., skivvies is an old military term for underwear, so Hippie Skivvies essentially is underwear for free-spirited people. While we've not heard of any other definition for hippies, skivvies means different things in different countries. In the U.K., a skivvy is someone who is undervalued and worked to the bone (almost like being called a slave). In Australia, a skivvie is a turtle-neck shirt. Do you have a different definition of the word? Tell us!

Do I need to wash my Hippie Skivvies separately?
The dyes used are of the highest quality available and are similar to those used on other clothing you wear. Just to be safe, please wash at least once by itself, or only with other items of ours that you may have purchased at the same time, to ensure any remaining dye is washed out. After that, they won't fade significantly or bleed and may be washed along with other clothing without fear.

What size thong/panty/boy-cut is best for me?
Our small equates to a size 5 panty, our medium is like a size 6 and our large would be for a size 7. Our X-small panties and boy-cuts are like a size 4 and are designed for pre-teen girls.

What size camisole is best for me?
Bear in mind that our camisole is meant to fit snugly. Our small camisole would be best for someone on the slim side with an A or B cup. Our medium would apply for a medium sized torso and a B or C cup, while our large is best for someone with a bit more than that. Our X-large would be for those with a larger frame or those more well endowed. Our X-small is sized for pre-teen girls, about ages 9 to 12 (and the straps are 1" shorter).

Why is the fly sewn shut on your boxers?
We had the fly on our boxers sewn shut so they could be worn as shorts if desired.

Are you planning plus items or kid sizes?
We don't really have any plans for plus sizes in most of our items, but we do carry boxers and robes up to size 3X. Any items in size X-small are for pre-teen boys and girls down to about seven or eight years old.

Where and how are Hippie Skivvies made?
Most Hippie Skivvies products are made in Mexico with U.S. materials to our own specifications. We're concerned about factory working conditions so we visit the facility every few months. No one underage works there, the conditions are pleasant and it is well air conditioned. The owner is extremely conscientious about keeping his employees happy and it shows in their attitude. He has some of the best workers in the city and we are proud to use his facility. Some items like our robes and shirts come to us in white from other companies that specialize in those products. All of our dyed clothing products are hand-dyed in California.

How soon do you ship after I order?
Orders routinely get processed and shipped within 48 hours by US Mail or FedEx Home Delivery. Orders indicated as "overnight" are shipped within 24 hours.

How does your shipping work?
Domestic: Orders routinely get processed and shipped within 48 hours by US Mail or FedEx Home Delivery. Standard shipping on all orders is $5 anywhere in the continental US. There is an additional $8 for Alaska and Hawaii, bringing the shipping fee to $13.

Overnight shipping is available through FedEx, for an additional $20, for a total of $25.

International: Orders routinely get processed and shipped within 48 hours. Shipping to other countries is only US$13 per order (not per item).

Rush delivery through FedEx is available for $40.


If you have any questions about shipping, please e-mail us or call us at (805) 904-6138.


What is your return policy?
We really want you to be happy with our products so we guarantee their quality.

If upon receipt there is something wrong with your order, or maybe you just ordered the wrong size, we'll replace it.

We also will accept the return of unworn merchandise within 30 days of the shipping date. A prompt refund will be issued in the original form of payment less the original shipping charges.

Can I get on Skivvies Around the World if I'm under 18?
Yes, and we have quite a few "kids" on our site. We no longer require a signed release form for most submissions. We will interpret by your submission of photo(s) that you (and your parent/guardian) are agreeing to all of the terms on our release form. You do not need to physically sign and send one to us, but please read the form.

Got a question we haven't answered? Contact us!


Copyright 1997-2012 Hippie Skivvies LLC. All rights reserved.

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